Limit order vs traditional markets

We are upgrading our markets to support limit orders. This is a gradual process starting with our most popular market, BTS/BTC.

Limit order markets allow users to place resting orders on our book using the same annonymous order placement method we use in traditional markets. Limit orders have an expiry time after which they are cancelled and sent back to the owner.

Order expiry

Limit orders expire and are cancelled after the time you specify when placing the order elapses. Cancelled orders are refunded to the sender.

Relative orders

A relative order is one which automatically tracks the mid-price, (bid + ask) / 2. You specify a relative order as a percentage of the mid-price, so 100% is exactly at the mid-price, 95% is under it by 5% and 105% is over it by 5%.

Relative orders are useful for market makers who want to remain price neutral and profit from the spread between their orders.

Relative orders are automatically re-priced after every single trade.


In order to protect users of the Quick buy/sell interface, there is a default maximum slippage value on all orders of this type of 20% of the best price.

If you would like to specifiy your own slippage values, you must use the Expert interface - by chosing instant order expiry combined with a price you can effectively specify any slippage value you like.


Our fees are described in full here fees.

What happens if I send over the transaction limit?

Either, your full transaction will be refunded, or your order will be partially filled and the remainder sent back to you, depending on the market.

Where is the transaction limit displayed?

The Bid/Ask tables contain information on market depth which constituites transaction size limits

Can I send multiple transactions with the same memo?

Yes, you can re-use the same memo in multiple different transactions. If you use Expert mode, remember that a new deposit address is generated for each different combination of price, refund address and expiry. Old deposit addresses remain valid forever.

What is BitShares?

You can find out more here: bitshares.org