Closing down


We have decided to close metaexchange. We thank you for your support, and hope we have been of some service during the lifetime of the site. The decision to close was difficult but we don't have the time necessary to continue to improve and maintain the site to the highest standards.

We apologise for the obvious inconvenience the site closure will cause.

METAEX.IOU asset holders

We have disabled the buy sides of these markets, please redeem your METAEX.BTC, METAEX.ETH and METAEX.NXT assets for their real counterparts in our existing marketplace.

Click here to redeem your METAEX.BTC

Click here to redeem your METAEX.ETH

Click here to redeem your METAEX.NXT

METAFEES holders

We are placing standing BTC buy orders on the bitshares exchange with the remaining funds from our coin inventories. Once you have sold your METAFEES for OPEN.BTC, you can redeem OPEN.BTC for real BTC by withdrawing it - see below for details.

Click here to sell your METAFEES